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In contests and hackathons that employs a prize pool system, sponsors can choose to contribute to the event by adding their prize(s) to the pool.

Winning participants of the event can choose one prize from the pool, with the first-ranked participant choosing first.

  • Code in the Wind #1 uses the prize pool system.

  • The Stupid Hackathon Thailand (from the 2nd event onward) uses a modified prize pool system.

    • To keep the event non-competitive, elements of luck are introduced.

      • In the 2nd event, participants picked from identical-looking cardboards shaped to look like a floppy disk. The actual prize is revealed on the other side of the cardboard, basically making it a lucky draw.

      • In the 3rd event, the winner plays a pachinko-style game. At the bottom are the available prize, and the winning participant receives the prize according to where the ball ends up. This adds an element of skill.

      • In the 4th event (virtual), a winning participant can send a number to the Discord bot to claim a prize, making it a lucky draw.

      • In the 5th event (virtual), a spinning wheel is used to determine the prize for each winning team.

      • In the 6th event, a 2d grid is projected onto a carpet on the floor. Each grid cell corresponds to a prize. Each winning participant is asked to throw an object onto the carpet, and receives the prize based on which cell the object landed on. This re-introduced the elements of skill into the lucky draw.