Creatorsgarten Wiki


(Note: This is a draft and subject to change.)

Sponsorship for this event will be open soon. We are still working out the details. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact the event organizers to let us know your interest in sponsoring.

Sponsorship areas:

  • Monetary sponsor — THB 8,000 per sponsor. This will help us cover the costs of the venue and beverages, and provides us funds in case of emergency (4/5 sponsor slots available).

  • Prize — Add your prize to the prize pool for winners to choose from (8 sponsor slots available).

  • Meals — Order a meal for 50 people and deliver it to the event venue (taken).

  • Drinks — Water is provided by the venue, sponsor can help by upgrading drinks.

When you sponsor, you are contributing to the tech community in Thailand and we’ll recognize your contributions by promoting your sponsorship on our website (example), on social media (example), and during the event.